Plague Inc: Evolved 1.0

Infect humanity with a pathogen and shape its evolutionary path until you infect the world

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"Plague Inc: Evolved" is a simulation game where your goal is to infect the entire world with a disease. Starting with patient zero, you need to ensure that your virus spreads to every part of the globe if you want to achieve total victory. As the plague spreads, you'll need to modify it so that it can resist whatever humanity throws at it. You'll need to act fast as some countries will close their borders before the plague can spread there. With 10 different disease types, you have full control over the disease you want to create. Everything from a flesh-eating virus to a zombie outbreak is at your fingertips.

Massive Amounts of Replayability

"Plague Inc: Evolved" offers gamers hundreds of hours of replayability. There are 20 unique scenarios, each one tasking players with winning under specific conditions. There are multiple difficulty levels for every stage. When you've fully conquered the scenarios, you can create your own using the custom creation tools. If you're the sort of gamer who loves statistics, then you'll love the real-time data the game uses to track your plague. Everything from the number of deaths to how the government reacted is available to view. You can even watch a replay of your entire game once you finish it.

Further expanding the replayability of "Plague Inc: Evolved" is the multiplayer modes. Two players can go head-to-head with their diseases to see who can infect the world the quickest. Players can also team up to create a super plague that the governments of the world will have no chance of stopping.


  • This simulation game is so accurate that the CDC had the developers speak about the game at a conference
  • Intense gameplay that will keep you on the edge of your seat
  • Infinite amounts of replayability


  • Gamers looking for quick action will find themselves bored
  • Sound effects and music can get repetitive after numerous playthroughs

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